Wednesday, June 13, 2007

the weekend away

it may seem a bit premature to have already taken a "vacation" having only been here two weeks, but what can i say? that's just how i do.

as i mentioned in my brief farewell note, i spent the whole of last weekend with my friend, guy, on the southern coast of cambodia.

day1 and 2 were spent in a tiny seaside town called kep. with a jungle as a backdrop and the gulf of thailand at our feet, to say the setting was breathtaking would be an understatement. the better part of both nights were spent lounging on our oceanfront veranda, sipping wine and gazing at the stars. by morning we toured the cambodian country-side and in the afternoon took a fishing boat to a secluded island where we swayed in shaded hammocks and ate fish so fresh it tasted as though it leapt straight onto the grill from the sea.

on day 3 we made our way to sihanoukville, a touristy spot that's more popular with the beach-seeking backpackers and gap year kids. were it not for the constant stream of beggars and junk peddlars, it could be considered cambodia's version of paradise, replete with white sand and warm aqua waters.

the highlight of the day was meeting pub, a cheeky lil boy who introduced us to the cambodian children's painting project - a nonprofit designed to give beach (homeless) kids a way to be creative while safely earning the money they would otherwise get through begging. ( ) i couldn't resist pub's masterpiece, "penguins on sihanoukville beach" and have now hung it proudly in my apartment back at phnom penh.
it's only a matter of time before the international art dealers come knocking.

i could go on and on about the trip (verbose as i can sometimes be), but i think a few snapshots should wrap this entry up nicely. hope you enjoy seeing them as much as i enjoyed being there (or close to it, anyway!).

the beach

our boat to rabbit island

sunset the first night

my friend guy at breakfast in kep

coming back from rabbit island


Vera Z. said...

What a great project for kids you stumbled upon! I love seeing such grassroots projects making an impact. Thanks for sharing that info....and thanks for keeping up your blog! I love reading about your adventures. :) --Vera

Courtney said...

omg...i know about so glad you bought a painting..i cant wait to see it!!!

i miss you!

Geoffrey said...

wow... awesome pictures, especially the far-off storm in the sunset picture. I am envious. Cathy came to visit this past weekend, and needless to say, debauchery ensued. Hope you're doing well.